Julia Levy Alex Brown

Julia Levy and Alex Brown

Director of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Marketing Manager, Fiserv

Stickiness as a Strategy: Fiserv’s Vision to Build and Adopt a TA Tech Ecosystem

As a fintech company, Fiserv has innovation in its DNA. It’s no wonder that its talent acquisition team has been on a strategic path to TA tech nirvana for the past 3 years. The driving force is talent: Fiserv knows that if they continue to only work in the ways they have, they’ll never be able to keep up with candidates … or the market. So their challenge was this: build – and adopt – a talent acquisition technology ecosystem that would fundamentally change the recruiter/candidate experience.

Hear Julia Levy, Director of Talent and Acquisition, and Alex Brown, Recruitment Marketing Manager, discuss how their technology ecosystem fuels a personalized talent strategy and why stickiness was essential to success.